Pizza authentique - depuis 1983 ~ Authentic pizza - since 1983


Le Buzz

'Pizza Montréal classique'


Lisa T, conseillère en voyages : 

Meilleure pizza classique montréalaise en ville. Toujours constant, de bons délais de livraison, et plein de saveur.

Lisa T, Trip Advisor: 

Best classic montreal pizza in town. Always consistent, great delivery times, and packed full of flavour.

'Old School'


Papken K, Trip Advisor: 

I think that George and his great team make the best old school pizza in Montreal, none of this stupid conveyer belt stuff, a real pizza oven. They have a pizza for everybody's taste buds. That pizzeria has been around for as long as I know, I guess something is right, you have to try it to see what I mean.



Mylie, Zomato:  

Mmmm pour la pizza sicilienne composée d'anchois, de câpres, et de tomates! La croute et la pâte sont cuites a la perfection, puis elles ne sont pas trop minces, ni trop épaisses! La petite m'a couté environ 12$, ce que je paierai encore volontiers! L'allure de l'endroit est très très moyen, mais on y va pour la bouffe!

'Great pizza, pasta and poutine'


Northern_Neighbor (Toronto), Trip Advisor: 

We make it a point to visit Van Horne Pizza everytime we visit Montreal. Although they are known for their pizza, and for good reason, their pasta, poutine and steak subs are fantastic too.

If you're really hungry, try their rigatoni with the works. It's rigatoni with meat sauce and they pizzafie it by adding green peppers, mushrooms, pepperoni and cheese on top, then bake it.

'DE-Licious Pizza'


Lucky Dave (Nova Scotia), 

We eat here whenever we come to Montreal. I love that the staff are really friendly (in English too!), helpful and welcoming. [...]

This time we ordered a jumbo vegetarian classic which was filled with yummy sliced black and green olives. The second pizza was a jumbo loaded with delicious artichoke hearts, fresh sliced tomatoes and feta cheese. I like that they will substitute fresh tomatoes for sun dried if you ask.

I can honestly say their pizza has a wonderful taste and texture, a flavour that reminds me of eating pizza in Italy. The crust is mouth watering in itself, plus the pizza is loaded with topping. For delicious pizza, come to Van Horne Pizzeria!

'Since Childhood'


AnnieB, Yelp: 

I used to go here as a child and order a small poutine. I've been back a couple times since then and everything is exactly the same and just as great. The gravy is thick and flavorful, and they use mozzarella for the poutine instead of cheese curds. I though this was a huge faux pas, but it was delicious.

The all dressed pizza is one of the best pizzas I've had in Montreal. Their subs are also very good. It's a local, not pretentious restaurant that focuses on delivering good food. I do not live in the area anymore, but anytime we are in Outremont this is where we go to eat.

Notre Histoire - Our Story

Notre chef et notre personnel - Our Chef and Staff

Avec 35 ans d'expérience dans le domaine de la pizza, notre restaurant est un travail d'amour. Notre famille et notre personnel attentionné et dévoué s'assureront que vous vivrez une expérience culinaire mémorable avec nous.

With over 35 years of experience in the pizza business, our restaurant is a labour of love. Our family, and our caring and committed staff will ensure you have a memorable culinary experience with us.

Saisonnier et fraiche - Seasonal and Fresh

Nous refusons tout compromis sur la qualité dans notre restaurant. C'est pourquoi nous nous approvisionnons en ingrédients frais sur les marchés de producteurs locaux. Chaque jour. 

We refuse to compromise on quality in our restaurant. That's why we source our fresh ingredients from local farmers' markets. Daily. 

Événements spéciaux et services de traiteur - Special Events and Catering

Nous organisons des événements privés : événements d'affaires, déjeuners scolaires, dîners, dîners, fêtes, etc. Nous aimerions discuter de la façon de participer à votre prochain événement. 

We cater for private events: business events, school lunches, dinners, parties, and more. We would love to discuss how to be a part of your next event. 

Venez nous voir! Come by and meet us!

Van Horne Pizzeria

1505 Avenue Van Horne, Montréal, Quebec H2V 1L2, Canada

(514) 277-5555

Heures d'ouverture - Hours

Dim/Sunday - Jeudi/Thurs: 11am - 10pm

Ven/Friday - Samedi/Sat: 11am - 11pm

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